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Version 1.3 Brings Fonts and Performance Improvements

Version 1.3

We endeavour to respond to all user requests and as such we’ve now added a list of 6 fonts that you are able to choose from.

When it comes to dyslexia, it comes as no surprise that such a broad condition affects people in many different ways. We make it our mission to provide as many options as possible to our users, so they can tailor the application to fit their needs.

New Feature: Fonts!

We’ve been hard at work to push out a range of fonts for our users, based on those that scored highly in improving reading ability, in dyslexia research. Most of these fonts are the nearest equivalent fonts of those in the tests as we had to comply with Apple’s font list.

On top of the Apple Approved fonts, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to support the Open Source web-font designed specifically to improve the reading ability of those with dyslexia ‘OpenDyslexic’. Credit of the font goes to Abbie Gonzalez.

Performance Boost

For those that use the app in an area of questionable internet connectivity, there can be a couple of seconds of delay between selecting a theme, and seeing it finally applied to the page, this is because the page re-renders with the new theme choices in mind.

To this, we’ve had a rethink of our theme application engine and optimised it greatly for all users. We looked to apply multiple options in the same call as opposed to repeating methods for each option individually. We were then able to split all theme calls from all ‘bootstrap’ calls and run them effectively at the same time.

We noticed a visible performance increase after applying this!


  • Added Font Choices
    • Arial
    • Verdana
    • GeezaPro
    • MarkerFelt
    • HelveticaNeue
    • OpenDyslexic
  • Greatly improved speed and quality of theme engine
  • Small Visual Improvements
  • History Bar now leaves if Address Bar is deselected
  • Stability Improvements