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Version 1.2 Released

Version 1.2

This release of ER Browser has been released and features many new additions to the app. We’ve done some significant research on enhancing the readability of text, not just for dyslexia and visual stress, but also for general improvement.

We’ve now added the ability to adjust the letter spacing and font size of pages to better match your preferences.

Also, we’ve made attempts to improve the actual browser experience as well, adding an editable history section.

Nobody wants to customise their options at every load, so we’ve added the ability to set a persistent set of options that will remain until adjusted (even across version releases).

Aside from those new features, we’ve worked hard to¬†improve¬†the stability and performance of the app to bring a easy to use experience to every user.


– Persistent Options (Remembering your chosen settings)
– Body Text Size
– Letter Spacing
– More Control over History
– Interface Adjustments
– Stability Improvements
– Theme adjustments; re-skinning more efficiently.
– iPhone 5 Support