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This update is a minor one that integrates the newest version of OpenDyslexic. We feel it’s important to ensure that all our fonts are as up to date as possible. We’ve also added the newly released OpenDyslexic Alternative a, which features a slightly different lowercase ‘a’ character, to allow for greater flexibility. Download the latest […]

Version 2.1 is currently under review in the App Store This version is a simple and quick update. We’re adding a much requested feature of setting your default homepage! We’re keen to make this app much more of a browser experience for our users, so that it doesn’t feel like your using software for accessibility, […]

Version 2.0 is officially released! Please spread the word if you like the app. We’ve worked hard to bring you a brand new ER Browser, working on the whole concept from the ground up. Version 2.0 of ER Browser is a full web browser, with all the common browser features in addition to a tool […]

We endeavour to respond to all user requests and as such we’ve now added a list of 6 fonts that you are able to choose from. When it comes to dyslexia, it comes as no surprise that such a broad condition affects people in many different ways. We make it our mission to provide as […]

This release of ER Browser has been released and features many new additions to the app. We’ve done some significant research on enhancing the readability of text, not just for dyslexia and visual stress, but also for general improvement. We’ve now added the ability to adjust the letter spacing and font size of pages to […]

One of the criticisms we received of the initial release of the app was that it was irritating to have to type in each URL every single time. As a response to this, we implemented an Autocomplete system that reads your previous visits. We record your visits in a hidden ‘history’ area. Each entry will […]