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Here is what ER Browser’s users are saying about it collected through Twitter, Email and iTunes Reviews:

Perdurabos: Great App

As someone who has worked with Dyslexic and Dyscalculic students, I am sorely aware of the need for differentiated reading software. This application is ideal, due not only to the versatility of the colour schemes, but also because it will enable sufferers to enjoy internet browsing more easily, and independently. This is also of great benefit for colour blind users (I have a few colour deficiencies) and it can be used to counter any colour schemes that can cause difficulty to interperate text clearly. The ingenuity of this product coupled with a great level of user friendliness has resulted in a great app.

Simon Mackay: Dyslexic & Proud

Being a dyslexic, I find colour backgrounds (blue particularly) as a real god send. My computer in work is set to blue to allow me to read it clearly. Finding this app is a god send. You can tell its in early stages, but being able to read the news and surf articles without messing with the brightness and holding blue transparent paper over my device is another god send. I hope the developers can move into email as the apple market could use an email version of this app! Great program worth the money! Recommending to friends and family!

JulieH61: Brilliant!

ER browser helps me enlarge text and adjust websites to make them easy to read. I think it’s great!

Rob Carpenter @DJToadie

Finally using twitter on @ERBrowser mush easier to read in @OpenDyslexic Alta! Quick and easy to setup too!

VisionWorks @VisionWorksJSY

Excellent browser which helps those with #dyslexia and #visualstress

Glabbie: Wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Absolutely fantastic! Makes everything so much easier, and quicker!