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Version 2.0 Progress

Version 2.0 development has begun after some considerable ‘radio silence’ on our part. We felt it was quite important to give Version 1.3 it’s time. Between August and November last year, we’d upgraded quite a lot and Version 1.3 seemed our first ‘Stable’ version that we were truly happy with. We were also keen on collecting feedback to assist on our future versions.

Version 2.0 is going to be a full upgrade. Everything will be re-designed and re-built from the ground-up.

New Theme Selector

New Theme Selector

We’ve designed the theme selector to act as both a choice tool, and a visual selector – what this means is that you’re able to preview the choice you’re making within the selector. Gone is the spinner view in favour of a more flexible table of choices (seen above with the OpenDyslexic font choice).

We’ve also integrated more fonts, more choices of font variations and 16 scientifically proven colour shades. We’ve even added an ability to adjust the saturation of those scientifically proven colour shades to reduce or increase the colour intensity as you see fit.

New Menu

Our New ER Menu

With future potential in mind, we’ve developed a way to access a deeper menu from the main navigation. We wanted to restrict the amount of buttons along the top of the screen and take some of them into a sliding side menu.

This will give us the potential for future expansion of functionality with bookmarks and history sections.

Next Steps

We’re still hard at work and publication of this version is not far away.

If you’d like a specific feature included in this next version, it’s not too late to request it, let us know!

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