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Android Support Comes to ER Browser

Android has always been in our plan for deployment of ER Browser. We decided to deploy to iOS first, to ensure our solution was solid and that we could get to a stage where the user feedback was positive.

ER Browser is doing very well on iOS and we thank our loyal users for their continued support. I believe that we’re at the stage now, where we’ve gained enough interest on iOS to finally commit to building it on Android.

Cracking the Android Nut

We have a wealth of knowledge of iOS, but there’s no simple ‘port-over’ to Android. It’s something that will require development from the ground up.

The Android journey will be long, as we’re actually learning the OS whilst building, so it may take some time.

We’re going to be using the code for the iOS version as a ‘blueprint’ for the Android version, but we’ve still got to navigate through the intricacies of the SDK.

The Javascript based theme engine will remain, this is the only part of the app that is considered ‘cross platform’.

The user interface will cause some issues on Android, because it’s served in a completely different way to iOS, instead of Navigation Controllers, we’re looking at Activities and Action Bars. It’s not ‘worse’ on Android, it’s just ‘different’ so it’ll take some time to figure out the hows and whys.

We hope to be in a position to publish the Android version of ER Browser towards Q4 of this year.

This in no way means that development of the iOS version will stall, in-fact, we’ll manage them side-by-side whilst the Android development is in progress.

Here’s a preview of what we’ve managed to complete so far:

Preview of ER Browser on Android

Download the latest version of ER Browser for iOS.

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