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ER Browser gets a New Look!


ER Browser’s New Look

ER Browser is fast approaching 1,000 downloads, and a considerable amount of those users are regular, active users of the app.
We decided that it’s high-time that we presented a more contemporary and professional image. We wanted ER Browser to appeal to more people, and we want our users to feel comfortable sharing their experiences with the app.

We’ve opted for a vibrant blue coloured background with a brand new icon/logo that will allow for expansion into additional fields.

What is ER Browser?

Our icon needed to be more descriptive and attractive.
It needed to tell you exactly what the app does before you click on it.

Essentially, our app makes it easier for you to read websites. The magnifying glass was an easy choice to represent improving the ability to read and the circle behind the magnifying glass is representative of the world; a key icon commonly used for describing the internet.

The App

The interface of the app has not only been improved for iOS7, but has also been adjusted to reflect the change in brand. We’ve tried to focus on ease of use as closely as possible and we’ve added a number of additional buttons to the menu with new features.

We hope you like what we’ve done with the app, it’ll be released shortly on the app store.

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