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App Store Update – Pulled From the Review Queue

We’ve made the decision to pull our app from the review queue whilst we iron out one or two bugs with the functionality.

We wouldn’t be happy with publishing an app that wouldn’t allow people to benefit from our service, so we’re doing what we can to improve the performance of the theming process.

The more efficiently we can ‘theme’ each page, the more seamless it feels for the user, and that’s one of our primary aims. We don’t want the app to feel like a browser plugin, but rather a full web-browsing experience itself.


Whenever a preference was changed, the current page refreshed before applying them, we’ve now stopped this – meaning the theme is applied with more immediacy. It helps so much to see what you’ve changed instantly, especially when you’re in an area of low connectivity.

The page will however refresh if the Default theme is chosen, this is simply to flush out any formatting adjustments that occurred with the other themes.

We’ve also added an instructions page, where the instructions are more up to date with this version.

I’ve re-uploaded to the App Store to hopefully get this approved as soon as possible.

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