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This release is another big step for the evolution of ER Browser. We’ve worked hard to update the user interface, making it easier to use and more intuitive, and to bring you some of the features that have been most requested. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the new features. […]

ER Browser is fast approaching 1,000 downloads, and a considerable amount of those users are regular, active users of the app. We decided that it’s high-time that we presented a more contemporary and professional image. We wanted ER Browser to appeal to more people, and we want our users to feel comfortable sharing their experiences with […]

Android has always been in our plan for deployment of ER Browser. We decided to deploy to iOS first, to ensure our solution was solid and that we could get to a stage where the user feedback was positive. ER Browser is doing very well on iOS and we thank our loyal users for their […]

To celebrate the impending release of Version 2.0 we are making ER Browser free from now for a whole week, which encompasses the Holiday Weekend! ER Browser is Free from the 27th of March, until the 4th of April 2013. ER Browser Version 2.0 brings many new improvements to the formula. You can read the […]

Version 2.0 development has begun after some considerable ‘radio silence’ on our part. We felt it was quite important to give Version 1.3 it’s time. Between August and November last year, we’d upgraded quite a lot and Version 1.3 seemed our first ‘Stable’ version that we were truly happy with. We were also keen on collecting […]

We seem to be progressing at an exciting pace with ER Browser, and it’s making us anxious to get the next version out as soon as it’s ready. Dyslexic Fonts We are currently working with Abelardo Gonzalez, inventor of the font Open Dyslexic and website We first added his font Open Dyslexic to the […]

We’ve made the decision to pull our app from the review queue whilst we iron out one or two bugs with the functionality. We wouldn’t be happy with publishing an app that wouldn’t allow people to benefit from our service, so we’re doing what we can to improve the performance of the theming process. The […]

Version 1.3 is going to be a small update, but one that’ll take another step in improving the reading ability of our users. We’re adding a new level of personalisation where the users can switch to a range of fonts. I discussed the use of dyslexic friendly fonts in my previous post. The fonts we […]

We’re making progress with planning our next version now, and one of our strategies involves the use of Dyslexic Friendly Fonts. We plan to allow our users to choose from a selection of fonts to add a greater dimension of personalisation to the browser. What constitutes a Dyslexic Friendly Font? The British Dyslexia Association’s BDA Technology Website […]