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This release is another big step for the evolution of ER Browser. We’ve worked hard to update the user interface, making it easier to use and more intuitive, and to bring you some of the features that have been most requested. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the new features. […]

New interdisciplinary research from Western University has uncovered fundamental links among three major learning difficulties in some school-age children. Although many children have specific problems with dyslexia, specific language impairment and dyscalculia, this study is the first to show a significant portion of these children have overlapping deficits. Importantly, the research team has also devised a […]

E-Readers are proving beneficial to some dyslexic readers. Short lines of text on electronic devices may help some dyslexic readers increase their reading speed and comprehension, research suggests. US scientists studied 100 pupils reading on paper and E-Readers. On the device, those who struggled most with sight-word reading read faster and those with limited visual attention […]

ER Browser is fast approaching 1,000 downloads, and a considerable amount of those users are regular, active users of the app. We decided that it’s high-time that we presented a more contemporary and professional image. We wanted ER Browser to appeal to more people, and we want our users to feel comfortable sharing their experiences with […]

Scientists in America are claiming a big breakthrough: they say they can see signs of dyslexia in young children, using brain scans. Researchers scanned the brains of a group of young children aged around 4 and 5 years old – and found differences in how parts of their brains work. Around 1 in 10 people in […]

Many of Britain’s top code-breakers and analysts are able to crack complex problems because they suffer from dyslexia, GCHQ has revealed. A spokesman for the Government’s top-secret electronic eavesdropping station in Cheltenham said last night that some of their most talented code-breakers have difficulty in learning to read or interpreting words. But this can actually […]

If there was ever any proof that dyslexia doesn’t limit you, it’s Vince Low. The artist, from Kuala Lumpur has created a series of beautiful images of other famous dyslexics, by “creating artistic order, from the chaos of pen lines”. The “Faces” project started when Vince Low was head illustrator at advertising agency Grey. He created […]

A new study of the genetic origins of dyslexia and other learning disabilities could allow for earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions, according to researchers at Yale School of Medicine. Many students now are not diagnosed until high school, at which point treatments are less effective. Genetic Study of Dyslexia The study is published online and in […]

Visual Stress is a condition which leaves many children struggling to read words which appear to distort or swirl around pages was discussed by international experts and politicians at a conference in Dereham. Visual Stress Awareness About 120 people attended the Visual Stress Awareness Conference at Dereham Football Club’s meeting room at Aldiss Park, including […]

Android has always been in our plan for deployment of ER Browser. We decided to deploy to iOS first, to ensure our solution was solid and that we could get to a stage where the user feedback was positive. ER Browser is doing very well on iOS and we thank our loyal users for their […]