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About the ER Browser

The ER Browser is a iPhone and iPad web-browser designed to help those with vision and reading difficuly navigate the web. Download the ER Browser Now!

You can use the ER Browser app to re-format any page you are viewing with the tap of a button which strips it down to its bare bones.

User Led ER Browser

The ER Browser is an organic project. We aim to learn from and build upon any comments or features requested by our users. We’re committed to delivering a solution that is user-led, so we’d appreciate learning how we can improve your experience.

Please click the App Support link on the right for any suggestions/improvements

A Note on our Content Rating

Our product is a Web Browser, potentially allowing access to any website anywhere on the web, regardless of content. Unfortunately, this meant that we have had to give our application a content rating of 17+. This is to adhere with Apple’s policy on Content Ratings.

If you have any further questions on this, refer to our app support page and send us a message.

Within the code of the app, there is nothing inflammatory, mature or suggestive in any way.

Completed Features

  • Autocomplete on History – v1.1
  • Persistent Options – Remembering Settings – v1.2
  • Body Text Size – v1.2
  • Letter Spacing – v1.2
  • Font Selection – v1.3
  • Bookmarks – v2.0
  • Larger selection of themes – v2.0
  • Creation of custom themes – v2.0
  • Saturation adjustment of colours – v2.0
  • Customise your homepage – v2.1
  • Redesign of interface – v3.0

We’ll keep this updated as we develop and build upon the functionality