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Welcome to your new Easy-Reading, Browsing Experience

ER Browser is an iPad and iPhone Web Browser designed specifically for dyslexia and visual stress

Step 1: Choose Your Font

ER Browser allows you to select from an ever growing list of dyslexia friendly fonts, featuring OpenDyslexic, Verdana, Arial and many more.

Whatever your preference, we have a font to suit you.
Your font not on the list? Let us know and we can build it into the next version.

Font Configuration

In addition to choosing from a range of fonts, you're also able to choose Font Size and Letter Spacing, adding an additional level of flexibility. You can tailor ER Browser to suit your preferences

Step 1: Choose Your Font

Step 2: Choose Your Colours

ER Browser gives you a selection of 16 colours to add a background to any website you visit.

The colours are scientifically proven to help aid visual stress and improve reading ability

Colour Saturation

If any of the base colours are too bright, you can select from different degrees of saturation. This allows you to knock the colour back a few of intensity, giving you power over how you see websites on the web.

Step 2: Choose Your Colours

Step 3: Browse the Web!

ER Browser isn't just a tool for giving websites a facelift. It also gives you access to some powerful browser features.


ER Browser features a fully-featured bookmarks interface. Save your favourite websites, return any time.


ER Browser securely stores your browsing history to allow you the ability to navigate back to any point.

Step 3: Browse the Web!